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KitchenPro™ Pickleball proudly introduces the first open-throat, carbon fiber, high-performance pickleball paddles.

Paddle hyperbole ends here.

This revolutionary, patent-pending design is a dramatic new visual and structural concept in pickleball.

Pickleball is evolving.
Are you still in the game?

KitchenPro pickleball paddle

Cool graphics aside, both the BRUTALE FG and BRUTALE CF models encase proven polypropylene honeycomb core technology within their carbon fiber frames. The frame also serves as its own highly durable edge guard (no more plastic). The honeycomb core in both models is .51 inches (slightly thicker than conventional paddles) which adds even more feel and control to your shots. KP’s BRUTALE FG model layers a classic fiberglass surface, for the player wanting tried and true control, while the BRUTALE CF model boasts a T-300 carbon fiber surface, creating a greater power quotient for those looking for more punch in their game.


KitchenPro™ Pickleball proudly introduces the first open-throat carbon fiber high performance pickleball paddles.  Utilizing tennis racquet technology, KP’s patent-pending design has transformed tennis’s tubular "hoop" frame into a stronger and lighter pickleball paddle. Our frame means no more weakened or broken paddle necks. The open throat reduces wind resistance, creating less torque, a smoother swing path, and increased swing speed. In addition, KP’s revolutionary frame design dampens vibrations, providing greater "feel" - that elusive sense of the paddle being a natural extension of your hand.

The BRUTALE has arrived!

KitchenPro pickleball paddle

So, are you a part of the
Evolution in pickleball?

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