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KitchenPro™ Pickleball launched with one simple goal:
Build better paddles for better pickleball.

Gregg Brents, 2021 US Open Gold and Silver Medalist and co-founder of KitchenPro™ Pickleball is striving to improve the game of pickleball.


Gregg was introduced, kicking and screaming, to pickleball two and a half years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee. After his first three hours of play, he was hooked. It wasn’t long before he realized all pickleball paddles were essentially the same, and sought to build a better one.


With more than five decades of playing experience in tennis and platform tennis, Gregg has parlayed his extensive knowledge of the technological evolution of paddles into the creation of a new frame destined to revolutionize the game of pickleball. Since its approval in May, the KP Brutale has been Gregg's weapon of choice, and has helped him to win numerous tournaments this past year, including Gold in the Atlanta Georgia Open, 2021 USA Pickleball Great Plains Regionals, and Minto US Open Pickleball Championships, among others.

Gregg Champion
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