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The Evolution of Pickleball Continues…

It's no secret that pickleball paddles are structurally flawed. The stamped, one-piece polypropylene construction weakens and breaks at the neck of the paddle.

KitchenPro™ Pickleball proudly introduces the solution: the first open throat, carbon fiber frame. This patent-pending design in two different models is destined to change the landscape of pickleball paddle construction.

Open Throat

With the open throat, carbon fiber pickleball frame you’re immediately holding a paddle with:

  • Increased frame strength: Won’t weaken or break like other, closed throat paddles

  • Vibration dampening: Frame and open throat absorb shock to improve "feel" - that elusive sense of the paddle being an extension of your own hand

  • Smoother swing speed: Open throat reduces both wind resistance and paddle torque

Thicker Core

Let’s look at the polypropylene honeycomb core of the BRUTALE. Sound familiar?


Yes, but this is a thicker core. Specifically, the BRUTALE's core is .51 inches (a touch over ½ inch). Why? The thicker core enhances "feel" on all shots regardless of the BRUTALE model you choose.

Larger Sweet Spot

The combination of the carbon fiber frame encasing the slightly thicker poly core and playing surfaces produces one of the largest true sweet spots of all paddles.


Enough about us, let’s talk about you. Do you want control or power? The difference lies in the playing surface.

If it’s CONTROL: The BRUTALE FG (Fiberglass) is your answer. The evenly balanced carbon fiber frame features a fiberglass surface over the polypropylene honeycomb core. This combination allows the ball to stay on the paddle longer, giving you greater control over your shots.


Need more POWER: The BRUTALE CF (Carbon Fiber) is your weapon. With its T-300 carbon fiber yarn surface, you’re ready to do damage. The responsive property of this surface will add extra pop to your game. The amount of spin you can impart will also surprise you.

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